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XBees Are Buzzing

They're alive! I tell you they are alive!

xbee c-1xbee c-2xbee c-3xbee c-4xbee c-5

I got two of the XBee's talking to each other tonight. The usual things like "Hello World" and counting from 1 to 20. Not much you're thinking but it is another milestone for me.

One of the XBee's is directly attached to the USB port on my computer using that tiny little board on which I had to solder the two connectors. The other XBee is on the BS2 Basic Stamp development board.  The BS2 computer is actually programed (by me) to talk through the XBee link to my main computer.

They were a few more feet apart but it is a beginning. I moved them closer together for the pictures.

You kiddo's out there born with a blue tooth stuck in you ear are probably yawning about now, but I have to start somewhere. It will get a lot better and more detailed.

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