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Eiffel Tower

DSC07123This may be one of the last "look what I made" articles here in RD's Workshop's 3D Printing section. No I am not quitting 3D printing. This blog is more about the how-to and ideas than just showing off finished items. I have other places where I'll continue to post what I make. Check here: http://blognasium.com/bn/3d for more "Show & Tell". I may find other locations.

If I have a new process or procedure or change some of the hardware, this is where I will post the "what's new".

The tower is a good example of the detail possible with a low cost 3D printer. I had to search hard to fine a file of the tower that would print this small with all the detail. Most available Eiffel Tower .stl files are much too large. This one took 8 hours to print. Bigger files can take days and have to be printed in sections.

The railing is usually the weak point in printing this tower and you can see the tiny railing printed just fine on this model.

The output here is not perfect. It is very good. There was no support used. What you see is the tower is still attached to the printing deck and no clean up has been done. The first picture shows the printing in progress. A few strands of filament are out of place but cleaning up support structure would have been much more damaging. This print is quite clean.

DSC07124 DSC07125

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