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HB2 Alive and Well

DSC03649I haven't featured the HB2 very much in this website. The HB2 is an overhead CNC router I built completely from kit parts and scratch including the electronics in the controller. That was back in 2008-2009. The complete build can be found starting here in The Hobbyist Machine Shop. It performs wonderfully and is rock solid. I can machine using the smallest micro bit as in making Lithophanes to carving signs as shown here.

The yellow frame thing is the HB2, if you haven't followed the link above. The only thing I didn't make was the PC computer that runs the machine. An interesting note is there are four stepper motors that run the HB2 with two of them on the "Y" axis (up front). Two "Y" steppers make it more stable. They move at the same time.

I have several software programs to design the 3D drawings and create the "G" code that runs the three axis (X,Y,Z). They are Vectric and Rhinoceros with RhinoCam.


The signs shown here were created in Aspire (Vectric Software) and of course have been finished in this view. I made the drawing once and these signs represent the 3rd and 4th creation of this sign. Of course I can run it as many times as I want. The signs do keep the Solicitors away and the custom look doesn't detract from the architecural asthetics near the front door.

Here is another view of the machine showing the computer and the input screen and keyboard. The scratchbuilt CNC controller can't be seen and is just to the left of the computer on the shelf.

I have been busy studying lost wax casting and very detailed CNC machining in wax but the HB2 still gets called into action. I may have to start taking orders for these signs. I'd say that has already happened.

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