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"A man can do all things if he will."  - Alberti (1404–1472)

DSC06473"Ramblin' Dan's Workshop", a companion to The Hobbyist Machine Shop , The Hobbyist Machine Shop Blog (THMS) and several more sites listed in the Companion Links in the left hand column.

My name is Dan Kautz. I am the author of this website and the other sites mentioned. I am located in Frisco, Texas, USA just north of Dallas.

I am the owner and user of a small but very enjoyable home workshop and art studio. I use it in the pursuit of artistic endeavors such as the silversmith craft and the invention and creation of all types of tangible products using all types of materials.

Publishing my use of my shop is the reason for this website. My desire is not intentional self promotion, but it does come with publication. I don't claim anything I show is the correct, best or only way of doing something. My purpose is to encourage others to be similarly artistic and creative with their own personal workshops and exert similar effort. 

My interests (hobbies) are not collecting and displaying the tools in the workshop itself but rather how and what I create using the tools and machines (including CNC computers) within my workshop. My hobby is the output of the workshop. I like to show the process I use for the projects I undertake. I sometimes show mistakes but that is a possible part of any process.

My first “workshop” website is The Hobbyist Machine Shop. It highlights my machining activities using metal lathes and metal milling machines. However, metal machining is not the only workshop activity I enjoy.

This website features all my other shop activities. My current focus is on small hand and machine made objects that explore the field of jewelry type processes (lost wax casting) and detailed miniature fabrication. For those artsy pursuits I sometimes refer to my workshop as my "studio" Not to be snobby you understand... Ha! It's still my workshop.

The menu tabs above lead to these and my other areas of interest. Tabs will change or increase in number as these pages and my interests expand in scope.

Please browse around. Drop me an email. There is a link in the Site tab. Better yet, I have added a Blog Section and I encourage readers to make comments there. Tell me and everyone what you enjoy most in your workshop. I'll then know you are reading and hopefully enjoying these pages.

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