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Ramblin' Dan's Workshop Blog

Short stories and reader feedback

Seeing Double

IMG 2635Almost a double. KautzCraft now has two almost identical 3D printers in operation. They are Geeetech A20M and A20T. The “M” is two filament color and the “T” is a three-color filament printer. Both can make more colors than the filaments they can manage buy blending (mixing) colors in their single nozzle extruders.

Only single nozzle extruders can blend colors together. Other multifilament 3D printers use a separate nozzle for each color. No blending is possible. But they are the best choice for using support materials and other special applications like printing two items at the same time.

For me that says there is no “right” single printer. Ones needs a printer that is designed and capable of doing what is desired. There really isn’t one all purpose tool. A few that claim multi-purpose are not exactly all-purpose. Ha!

Why both a 2 filament and a 3 filament? The A20M two-filament printer was the first at KautzCraft. I stripped the nozzle threads replacing a nozzle and had to order a replacement extruder from China. A three-month delivery. (Only took two.)

I didn’t want to stop multicolor printing and I saw Geeetech was offering the same printer, now with a THREE-color extruder. One week from China. Amazon had them is stock (next day delivery) but $50 higher in price. I could wait a week. Neither printer is what I consider high price (<$400), but they are of decent quality and operate very well.

The only things the same between the two printers is the case and the gantry. Oh, yes, the color. The extruders and electronics are different. Close enough to be cousins if not siblings.

The A20M now has its replacement extruder installed and working. Now looking forward to creating more designs and printing in multi-colors.

The Limits


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Friday, 19 April 2024
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