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Dura-BULL Tumbler

This is the Rio Grande Dura-BULL single-barrel rotary tumbler. It is the so-called "kit" version as it came with three pounds of stainless steel shot and a bottle of Super Sunsheen burnishing compound. It is used to put a burnished (shiny) finish on my silver work. It very tiny machine, but a good size for low volume silver finishing.

The silver comes out with an excellent finish. The shot does not remove scratches or sharp edges and is only to brighten and harden the silver finish. Other media could be used in the drum for surface finishing. Run time is usually two hours or less.

The machine is not near as noisy as it sounds in the video. The camera microphone was very near the machine. The actual "sloshing" sound is not disturbing and cannot be heard within my house at all. It is perfectly acceptable level for the workshop. There is another sound in the video from the Taig CNC machine running across the other side of the shop. It too is not as loud as it seems in the video. It is just a sensitive microphone...

This tumbler is also sold for tumbling rocks using a variety of grinding material, which might take up to a month to finish. To me it looks like it would only be suitable for pebbles, not what I call rocks. 

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