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Taig 4-Axis CNC

This is my second Taig micro mill. I have set it for primarily machining wax masters for my jewelry addiction, which is doing silver lost wax casting. The Taig is an excellent tool for fine detail machining. I can run the spindle over 10,000 RPM which is great for the microscopic end mills that I use. In the video the mill is running a 1/8 shank 10 degree (total) taper 0.005 ball end mill bit. The RPM is approximately 10,600 RPM and the feed is 15 IPM.



The design was drawn using Vectric's Aspire 8.0 CAD/CAM/CNC program software. It produces and output G code file that then runs in MACH3 CNC controller software.

This is the finished carving fresh off the machine:



There was a false start when I realized I wasn't using the latest version of the file, so I moved the center and restarted. 

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