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New for 2016

This is not the very first casting session for the year, just a few new pieces I thought I'd post on-line.

The key ring tags are for my son-in-law who likes to make his own beer. The Letter "G" is for my wife Gloria. I am experimenting with different styles so I can have a go-to version I know will look good for other pendants. Of course Gloria gets to reap the benefits of what I make.

DSC06296 DSC06335
The wax patterns cut with the Taig CNC mill. I love the look of white silver fresh out of the pickle.
DSC06336 DSC06338
Key tags polished, slight patina on background. G with heavy base light carving
G with light base and deep carving, blackened.  

I cast these in the morning and have them looking like this by early afternoon, about two-ish.

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