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A small robot design produced by Parallax as a learning tool.

ActivityBot Robot Kit

32500 0It’s done! I ordered a robot. What have I started?

At the least, a new experience. The cost was low and it provides an application for my experiments with the Parallax SPIN microprocessor/computer. I also considered it would be a great constructive introduction to my 9-year-old granddaughter to robotics, rather than just playing with mindless social media toys.

I am hoping that when she realizes someone like herself can write instructions that can control little robots, she will become involved. That’s my hidden agenda. I am not setting out to make that my intended goal. Just make it interesting enough she decides for herself. She currently states she LOVES science projects. Robotics are a form of the science of logic and control, Mars ROVER, etc.

Many grade schools use these robots as school projects. I hope I can give her a head start. Maybe even encourage someone in her school(s) to offer the program. Meanwhile “gramps” can do what I can to plant the seed.

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