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Ramblin' Dan's Workshop Blog

Short stories and reader feedback

An Interesting thing happened on the way to the Cetus

I own three Cetus. Two are presently operational and I am working on getting the original (first Cetus) working. It succumbed to a lightning strike and requires a brain transplant. I assumed it was an original MK1 but I find out it is a MK2. There is no label on the printer indicating if any of them are MK1, MK2 or MK3.  Those are marketing identifications, not product model labels.

I ordered the wrong motherboard. You know the adage. To “assume” makes an ASS out of U and ME, ergo ASSUME and pin the tail on me.

Apparently, Cecelia from the customer service is sending me the correct MB gratis, although I asked for a RMA to return the first one. I am not sure they want it back.  Probably more trouble to re-certify it is fully functional returned part. I was the Product Warranty manager for Lennox Industries. Many things were far more expensive to return then they were worth. Better to give it away than to process the paperwork.

No problem for me if they do want me to return it.

Cetus is a nifty little 3D printer. It’s a minimalist design but the parts are excellent, and it prints very well. The big issue has been good slicer and machine control software. Cetus originally had its own software. Tiertime eventually modified their UPStudio software to accommodate Cetus and the Cetus software went away.

UPStudio runs Cetus well but has a sparse selection of user controllable Parametrics. This was so new users had fewer adjustments they could get wrong. Tiertime was ensuring the likelihood their printers would create good prints without too much user interference.

But power users want to make adjustments. They (and I) have constantly cried for far more user controllable software. After a few years, Tiertime released a software package called Catfish. Yep, Catfish.

Catfish has morphed into UPStudio3 Beta (Soda) which I have been playing with on Cetus for about a week. I had been playing with Catfish for about a year.  Catfish is very early Alpha trans Beta software that worked but had some faults or perhaps quirks.

UPStudio3 (UPS3) Beta is a great superset of Catfish and I am enjoying using it. Not as polished as the older UPStudio2, but touchy/feelly things will improve. Oh, yeah… every variable is user adjustable. The newbie does not stand a chance of success messing with the fine details but there is a BASIC settings tab to get the newbie started.

UPS3 is certainly my new go-to application for printing with Cetus. More fun than a barrel full of tiny whales… a reference to Cetus.

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Friday, 19 April 2024
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