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GRS Bench Pin II

An upgrade for my wax carving bench.

DSC06507 DSC06508


I installed a GRS bench pin on my workbench in the shop. As you can see, I have now added the same type bench pin adapter to my wax bench in my office.

The stock pin mounting was just a slot cut into the front edge of the bench. That worked well enough. The problem was it has been getting looser with use. I was using shims to keep it tight while I was using it. I really wanted the GRS adapter so I could use the other GRS accessories with this bench. For example I can now mount the soldering plate on this bench.

That is the original bench pin which I had to trim a bit to fit the GRS adapter. I'll save the new pin for use later.

I like the big steel plate as it gives me a hard surface close to my work area if I need one. I considered recessing the plate into the top of the bench. I decided it wasn't worth the effort except for looking very cool.


DSC06512Just added this adjustment plate to my GRS system. It is removeable and lets me set the height of the pin as shown or any other accessory. The one key feature and purpose of working at a jeweler's bench is to have everything exactly at what is most comfortable for the user.

I spend a LOT of time at this bench and also the one in my main shop so it is important to be working at a height that is most comfortable to the task being performed. This plate accessories allows me to adjust the working height to what is perfect for me. I love it already. It's an improvement from working at the "stock" bench pin height.

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