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DSC06115This is my new BLAZER micro butane torch I just aquired for doing some silver soldering on my jump rings in my silver work and of course anything else I need a small concentrated heat source. The torch is empty here as I just opened the box. It is a birthday present for myself. Ha!

The fuel is butane lighter gas. There is a fill port located in the bottom of the canister. Claims are that it will last for "up to" two hours of operation. A jump ring takes about 30 seconds so time is not an issue. The torch is refillable so I expect I will have and use it for a long time. Much easier than setting up a torch with a hose. (That will be the next step if needed.)

Lots of warnings on it as it could be a bit of a bomb if misused. Same as a pocket lighter, only more gas. The bottom label says: "This Product is Intended For Sales to Professionals Only. For Industrial Use Only. No Consumer Sales Are Permitted." Dang! I hope I qualify.

The problem is that the stoners use this product to light their pipes. Professional use I suppose...


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