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There was an early (1950's B&W days) TV quiz show where a panel of "stars" were the regulars and the guest was somehow trying to stump them about something they had. It could have been "What's My Line (occupation)" or "I've Got a Secret". I think Steve Allen was the host.

In any case one of the favorite questions from the panel was if something was bigger (or smaller) than a bread box. I assume they assumed that everyone knows the size of a bread box.

In this day I am wondering how common is the bread box in the kitchen? I think some kitchens have a bread storage area built into the kitchen design. I personally have lived most if not all of my nearly fifty years of married homeownership without a dedicated breadbox in the kitchen. However, I do know what one is and how big it would be.

Recently, I hand made this one for my kitchen. It is made from select pine and the front door is deep relief machine carved with a sliced bread motif. Being wood I applied a nice oil stain and durable polyurethane surface finish. It's a fun project, especially the carving part. How could I live so long without one?

How common is a dedicated bread box in your kitchen?

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