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Enco 1”x30” Belt Sander

I have had a use for a small 1” belt sander for many years. I do a lot of CNC machine work where I have tabs in the profile milling to keep the part from dropping out on the cut-through pass. I have always used a file to remove the remnants of the tabs. I have the same job when I do a casting and have to remove the sprue connection stub. It is also good for deburring cut edges.

A one-inch belt sander is small enough to sand and grind complex small parts. Market prices range from about $75.00 to well over $300 for a one-inch sander. It is safe to assume you get what you pay for but the idea is to get only what you need if you want to save money.

I am not going to get into all the options and variations in belt sanders as there are quite a few. What I have here is a tool I decided is just what I need. The price range is $110.00. Price consideration was number one. I have a large disk sander so I didn’t want or need a disk on this sander. My disk sander is visible in the background in several shots.

This sander is made in Taiwan and that is one reason for the low cost. The quality is reasonable and it is a “solid” design. A ¼ HP direct drive motor is entirely adequate for my purpose. The total weight is 13 pounds, so it is small and portable.

The “inside” view is what is usually missing in advertising so I provide a good look here. Simple and low cost are my goals and this tool will do what I need. Enco Part No. 163-4831

 DSC05982  DSC05984
 Overall size: 14" x 8.5" x 11". The table is 5" x 5"  Large spring loaded positional table clamp handle. The knob in the back is for belt alignment, not belt tension.
 DSC05985  DSC05986
 Not crooked, just shot at a slight angle.  Small and compact.
 Inside look. Belt is 30" in length. I ordered several grits. Very low cost for belts.  

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