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Celtic Cross

I featured this cross over in the BLOG. One of the pictures I show again here. 

I wanted to make something that "looked" hand made. Not quite as highly finished as an obvious attempt at perfection. After all, these and many crosses are hand made made from rough materials. The original Celtic graveyard crosses in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and GB. are often carved from stone and well weathered. 

I achieved that somewhat rustic look but I am not certain I really like it. This piece is already spoken for and is going out as a gift. So people like it and understand the look. It's said, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. I think it achieved my goal.

It looks a lot better to my eye and others when viewed life size in the hand. The photographs are far more critical at revealing details. 

DSC05289 DSC05326
This is my human hand size reference. Now with chain and bail it is ready for delivery.

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