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Some Early Carvings

DSC03847Wax carving can take on a life of its own and is addictive as any form of carving. For that reason I have set up a menu tab just for wax carving.

I currently enjoy both hand carving and using my CNC machines to carve wax. The CNC machines are more precise in what they carve but there seems to be more "spirit" in hand carving. This is my first article in this section so I am showing both

The picture shows a small collection of wax carvings I presently have near ready for casting. There are examples of both hand and machine carvings. It should be obvious the owl tags were done by CNC machine. They are one inch wide.

These are not the first wax carvings I have done as my original efforts are already "lost" in the casting process.

The problem and maybe blessing with photographing wax carvings, especially the ones done by hand, is all the flaws will suddenly jump out at me. That is why I say these are near ready for casting. The enlarged view will easily expose these flaws.

The little dog is not a serious project but a test of both using blue wax to carve and how small I could carve a subject. It needs a loop on its back to become useful as a jewelry piece for a bracelet or pendent.

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