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GRS ID Ring Holder

My fingers are having a bit of a time with holding small things like rings when carving in wax and polishing. I really like the GRS Tools bench accessories used for engraving and other jeweler work. They are a bit pricey but the quality more than justifies the value.

I already have their bench pin mount. That was a good minimal start.

What I have here is one of their newer tools, an ID ring holder assembly,number 004-735. Here is a link in their website. http://www.grstools.com/for-jewelry-work/ring-holders/id-ring-holder.html.

Here is the description from the web site:

The new GRS ID Ring Holder takes ring fixtures to a new level. The expansion cones assure equal pressure on both sides of the mandrel as it grips the inside diameter of the ring.

When using the Standard Cone, the ring drag can be set to allow smooth rotation of the workpiece while setting stones or engraving the ring surface.

The unique locking action of the Locking Cone allows the user to hold the ring in position without rotation and provides a steady platform on which to raise beads or pavé set.

Because of portability, the ID Ring Holder is a great alternative to bulkier and more expensive choices. This ring holder is a good economical option when you need a simple, functional, and quality workholding solution.


DSC05396 DSC05397
yeah, I know it looks like a tire on a wheel. The "tire" is a rough shaped wax ring blank. The wing nut expands the core and sets the drag. There is a cone that can be used to set fixed stops so the ring wont rotate.
DSC05398 DSC05399
The mandrel can be used in any vice. The PanaVice works just fine. Here are all the parts except the spare bag of  collets that come with the 004-735.

I have only given this holder a short try-out. But I am sure this is exactly what I need to make my fingers work better and also improve my work.


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