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I believe a flatlander must be someone who was born in the plains states, away from the mountains. Some mountain folk use the term as a rebuke (insult) to those who they think don't have certain mountain skills. Probably making moonshine...  Whatever, this time it referrers to a hobby beer brewing company that may have aspirations to grow beyond hobby size. Perhaps flatlanders do have some skills without using stills.

The brewing presently takes place in my son-in-law's (Doug's) garage in Plano, Texas. So I am not going to pretend it is a thriving brewery just yet. He and a few friends do have a good time making up strange brews and entering into brewing contests.

Well, this isn't my hobby, but I did need to lay the groundwork for what this post has to do with flatlanders.

This is a logo Doug and friends created to represent their product(s). I wanted to make him something from my shop and was thinking of a sign for his workshop. You know, one of those "Free Beer Tomorrow Only"  signs. My daughter (Shel) told me he had this "Flatlander" logo. I said, "That's perfect!" I'll make the funny sign some other time.

So I received PNG photo of their design from Shel and I immediately worked up a few designs in Vectric Aspire software. They are shown below. This is a surprize for Doug, so Shel and I decided the v-carve looked the best with red lettering. So that was my plan.

I had one made that first day. I'll call it the prototype. So now I have decided to make four more as he does have some partners helping in the effort and he might like to share. The nice thing about CNC carving is the repeatability. The logo design is not mine but everything else is from my creation, even the HB2 CNC machine.

 flatlanderfinallogo  flatlander v carve
 This is the original two color (B&W) logo design I received from my daughter.  I first designed this V-Carve version. No Color. Shel thought it looked great.
 flatlander v carve blk  flatlander v carve grn
 So I capture several more to play with the fill coloring  This is all done withing the computer program so it is easy to show clients how the finished project will appear.
 flatlander v carve red  flatlander raised
 We both thought The red would look good.  Here is a raised letter version that would take 7 hours to machine. We liked V-Carving better.
 DSC05873  DSC05871
 This is the prototype waiting for the poly to dry.  Meanwhile I set-up to carve four more logos.
DSC05870  DSC05875
 Here they are ready to cut apart and apply the finish The one in the middle is the first, from a slightly lighter board. Except for wood grain and wood color, all identical.

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