Ramblin' Dan's Workshop

The Sanctum of Fine Art and Invention

The Reasoning

At my age (YOB 1946) it is time to go after the fun things with a vengeance. The hours, days, weeks, months and years are rolling by much too fast. I have to slow down and enjoy them all. Life shouldn't be a rush to the grave. I want it to be a gentle journey with lots of stops along the way. The big sleep will come soon enough.

My hobbies are my greatest enjoyment. They take up most of my thinking and I make plans that they will take up much of my time after I retire. I most fear the gradual loss of sense I have in my hands and fingers due to the neuropathy or arthritis. It is probably a combination of both.

I am planning the Dauntless model boat construction will be uncritical enough that I can enjoy the construction as much as the operation and control. First things first, I have to get it built. I will be using a lot of epoxy so I hope my system is up to the exposure. I know more about the hazards these days so I don’t anticipate any problems.

I have formed a new outlook about my machine shop tools. I was almost 100% machining metal projects minded but now I am considering a lot of other raw materials and projects that will utilize the machine shop tools I have acquired for other than metal turning. It was just a personal mind set as I well know machining never applied solely to machining metal. I have machined wax and wood so it is not like I was limiting myself. The HB2 CNC router is not particularly intended to cut metal.

So I have started this new website that I have called Ramblin' Dan's Workshop with the intention NOT to make machining and the tools for machining the subject of the site but rather the use of the shop in general and the projects being built. Like a Norm Abrams, the projects will be the focus but the tools will showcased. Product reviews will continue.


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