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Cx5 Clay from ABI

DSC06436ABI is Adam Beane Industries. It is the material supply company for Adam Beane the sculptor.

As you can see I have the material finally "in hand". I have both a single block of the hard and the soft variety. There is not a lot of difference between the two at room temperature, but there is a difference. I will report more once I have a chance to work with both materials.

My delivery took about 20 days from the time of order. I don't know if that delivery time will improve so be warned.

This material surface is very much harder at room temperature than Castilene, so I have to assume the working characteristics will be a bit different. Certainly Cx5 will produce a much harder finished surface on the model.

I am excited to try this material out and will have much more to say about the working with it once I begin.

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