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Foredom SR Flex Shaft

I have started to working at wax carving and decided I wanted a top rated rotary tool. I am taking a formal class and have done a lot of study on what professionals consider the best. I don't know if the Foredom brand is the "best" and I am sure there are detractors. But the inescapable fact is the Foredom is by far the most popular.

I have several Dremel tools and also several Proxxon tools. Now that I have used the Foredom (preliminary) I understand why it has such a large following. The rotating mass of the motor rotor makes a big difference in feel. The flex shaft is far more flexible than I imagined and is no issue. It is far better than several Dremel shafts I have used in the past.

The hand piece does get slightly warm with use (maybe because my bearings are new) it is a very far cry form the HOT I have experienced with every motor in the hand piece tool I have owned. My 300,000 rpm air tool handpiece is the only tool that runs cooler. (No motor, just a very small turbine.)

With all the available accessories, the Foredom can only get better as a good investment.

I fretted some on which motor to purchase. After all I was looking for the BEST. My struggle was between the SR and the more powerful TX version. The SR is the best selection as is the #30 handpiece to get started. It is more powerful than anything I have used in the past. If I need the HD versions like the TX it can be the next purchase. 

DSC00328 DSC00330
The stand (on top) must be ordered separate from the tool. The picture of the bolt down type of mount is covered by the sticker. This is the contents of the K2230 kit. The speed control is molded plastic. I think I will have to mount it to a board to make it more heavy.
DSC00335 DSC00340
This is a play chunk of wax. You can see the size of the handpiece and the three jaw chuck inside the end. Here is how I have set up my low workbench. The Foredom stand is adjustable so I can experiment for just the right height.
DSC00338 DSC00339
The stand is a very heavy hex rod. The hanger clips are a new design too. This is the surface mount base. The only thing not supplied were screws to mount it to the wood surface.
DSC00341 DSC00345
I noticed the Rio Grande branding of the Foredom SR motor. Rio Grande is the dealer, not the manufacturer. I am planning an adjustable bench pin for the back edge and probably some arm rests too. Note the bracket clamped on the stand for storing the handpiece.
DSC03666 DSC03671
I added the handpiece with the taper tip. It is the H.28 model and uses a collet with a wrench closure I like the hand fit a bit better than the standard H.30 handpiece. Swapping handpieces is very quick, faster than changing tool bits,  so I think they both will get a lot of work

So far I think this is a great setup. Only a separate jewelry bench could be better. (A more permanent setup.) 

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