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Small Building Board

I started working on the "Sovereign of the Seas" large scale 17th century British sailing ship. One of the first requirements is a project such as this is having a place to do the build. So important that even the kit designer recommends a proper building board.

This board is not proper by the recommendations of the kit designer but is about 1/3 of the size needed. This is made from material I had so this is what it is.

I built a large construction board for the Dauntless boat project. As it turns out that board is the same size recommended by the Sovereign kit folks, about 60 inches by 20 inches. The Dauntless board is 24 inches wide.

What I started here was with the cutoff I made from the original door I used for the Dauntless board. I had closed the end in from where the cut off was made because it looked to me then that this little board would still be a nice building surface someday.

I liked what I saw in the Sovereign recommendations (except for the 60" length) with the use of edges to trap small parts on three sides (but not unto the floor) and the front edge used as a bench hook.

The pictures tell enough if anyone whats to build one of these. The plywood is scrap 1/4" three ply I think I might have used when I built my shop shelves.

workpad-1 workpad-2
 Here is what the board looks like setting on the big bench. The bench hook is down 1/2 inch and the top bench material is 5/8 inch.   The bottom side showing the 1/2 inch bench hook. The wood is all heavily glued on and held with air driven brads. The glue does all the holding work.
workpad-3 workpad-4
 The 20 inch remains of the cut off 80 inch door...  ... which is 24 inches wide.
workpad-5  I am looking for a 24 inch ruler or perhaps one of those stick on tape ones to put on the front of the board. That should provide a handy measuring place. One of those centering ruler tapes (if I can find one) would be just as useful.
 All strips are 2 inches wide.  

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