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DSC07001Here is the picture of my new 3D printer setting on my desk. It's right next to me as I sit at my computer.

Amazon stocks them so it was only a couple of days for it to arrive. I should say for the kit to arrive. Assembly to this point took probably less than 15 hours. With my defective feeling of touch, that isn't too bad. I dropped a lot of the tiny nuts and bolts and spent a lot of time looking for them and picking them up off the floor. I didn't lose a single one.

There are no written instructions. Just a fast forward style silent video of a young Chinaman, with very good fingers (better than mine), assembling one in about a half hour in fast time. Not the best sort of instruction , but as you can see it was adequate for me to do the job. There are also a good supply of extra parts so my dropped hardware would not have been a show stopper if I had not retrieved them all.

The assembly fully met my expectations with no surprises. I had watched the fast video before I placed the order and I knew the assembly would not be difficult. There is a lot to do but nothing like some of my other CNC equipment I have built.

Amazon back ordered my roll of PLA filament, so I have no "ink" with which to print. I cancelled the back order and reordered another color (White) that was in stock. It has already been shipped.

The machine just finished a two hour thirteen minute "dry run" with nozzle heat and everything on, but with no plastic. So it has passed the smoke test. In a few days I will have the necessary "ink' and I can dive into making my first 3D print. Probably the one I just ran. 

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