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top-rated-wood-carving-tools-examples-of-general-carving-knives-left-and-detail-knives-right Wood Carving Tools

Wow! No posts here since January. I have been keeping busy though.

Recently I have been considering going back and exploring one of my old interests. It's doing hand wood carving. There is a little bit mentioned here in The Ramblin' Dan's Workshop in 2013 . I bought a lot of instructional books back in 2007 and some hand carving tools. Actually did a fair amount of wood carving. The Santa's presented are an example.

It lead me to carving in wax and also trying some clay sculpting. But it is wood carving that seems (to me) to have the most craftsmanship and "romance" in the finished work. I have been an "armchair woodcarver" ever since. The term means, I sit in an armchair and read magazines and dream about the wood carving I could be doing. It doesn't mean I "carve armchairs" . Ha!

I have become a bit dissatisfied about the 3D printing of plastic items. To me it is not actually a craft. It's manufacturing. I am not knocking 3D printing. I really like and am proud of a lot of the plastic "Junque" I have printed. It's just that it's not an equal to a hand carved work of art.

I don't make hard and fastened rules about how and where I spend my creative time. Hand Craft is something I may not be able to do in a few years, so there is no time like the present to see if I still have the right stuff to hand carve wood. 

Of course the results will be posted here. Either in this blog or as an article in the Carving section. 

Let me think... where did those very sharp knives get put away???


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Friday, 19 April 2024
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