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LED Task Lamp

I have been using a florescent task lamp at my jeweller’s bench for several years. The problem is I have two such benches, one in my garage shop and one in my home office. The home office bench is where I do all of my wax carving. It is extremely hard to use one task light on two benches in separate locations.

I just solved the problem by acquiring another task light. Wow! That was a simple fix. This new one is a dim-able LED and ahh... outshines the old lamp in many ways.  It takes less desk space but had to be screwed to the rear of the desktop. It is much brighter. It is larger. Oh, did I mention dim-able? Large clamps on the arm allow it to be clamped rigid if desired.

I bought it from Rio Grande item number 115274 at a 10% off sale. That's better than nothing. I wrote a product review and decided to have some fun with it. I gave it five stars, but I showed how to mount it incorrectly. Everyone else was giving it high fives too, so I just decided to how how someone could screw it up.

I could only post two pictures  so I was limited in scope. Here is what I wanted to do.

The picture story follows.

DSC05884 DSC05885 
Someone MIGHT consider this an option, maybe? The electrical cord is being pinched. Can't push the vertical arm any farther back. I hit my head on the lamp too...
DSC05886 DSC05887 
Ops! Oh No! This can't be correct. The proper way to mount the lamp. The table clamp cannot be used on this bench.
Works for me.  

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