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Aztec Silver

Sorry, No Aztec gold. Maybe someday for a very special project.

I first posted this design over in the blog as Aztec Calendar. So you can go over there to see what I had say.

I have been having a string of good casts with the vacuum assist and haven't documented any of the hot pours for awhile. Actually the problem is I am as busy as a one arm wall paper hanger when doing the melting and pouring by myself. Someday I may have a photo assistant hanging out with me (aka daughter) and we can do a full sequence. The process with all the high heat and molten metal is just too dangerous to be screwing around with a camera at the same time.

So before and after shots is what there is.

DSC04963 DSC04964
The Tonalpohualli or Aztec calendar was cut using CNC on the Taig mill. It is about 2 inches in diameter. That is a 3" mold base. A lot happened between photos but here is the calendar just out of the acid pickle about a half hour after casting. The white coating is the unpolished natural color of silver
DSC04967 DSC04971
I turned it a bit to show the tree structure. Then all the tree was cut off with a jeweler's saw and the stubs filed away. Here is is all finished and cleaned up. Weight is a whopping 48.4 grams 
DSC04972 DSC04973
A quick look at the shiney backside. I could engrave something here and make it personal as a gift. Front view with my calibrated standard human hand for size comparison. I thought I had misplaced this sizing gage but there it was, hanging on the end of my arm where I always keep it!

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