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House Number

This is a little project I did for my son to use at his house. It’s just a simple house number.

He already has a number on his house that was there when he purchased it. It is on the corner of the garage and easy to see, but there are people who don’t know how to look for numbers. Last week the pizza man knocked on his door, but the pizza was not for him. It was for the neighbor. (Otherwise I supposed he would have paid for it and ate it…)

The problem is his door is about 10 yards (30 ft) back and away from his house number. So he asked me to make him a new sign to put on the house closer to the door. Maybe that will stop the pizza deliveries, maybe help when he really orders one.

I jumped into Vectric Aspire software and built a new sign on the computer in about 30 minutes or less. I tried to get him to add a 3D carving of some sort to Jazz it up a bit. It was a no sale. I did enhance the background with some grain effect and I told him it looked too “naked” without a little detail.

The fact is the CNC machine does all the work after I draw what I want, so complex detail is no problem once the machine starts carving. Total run time on the CNC router was about one hour.

The sign is 11.75 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches in size and the material is red oak with a natural stain. It is sealed in polyurethane.

9512HN IMG 0820
This is what I drew in Aspire software This is what my CNC machine created.
IMG 0822 Addsign2
This of course is the finished project. Installed on site. I made the "No Solicitors" sign too.

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