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wax-4The Shop 

It is obvious that my workshop interests have shifted. There isn’t anything wrong with that. It is a natural changing with the situation. I feel good and even excited about the change and where things are going.

Age has a lot to do with the change. So does health. I am not technically “sick” so that is a blessing.  I still have vitality but the strength part is definitely not what it used to be. My peripheral neuropathy (PN) is not a death sentence but for me, it is an condition that cannot be cured. So it is a life changer. I go with the flow and make the best of what I have each day.

That change is reflected in the work I do in the workshop. Standing on my feet for more than 15 to 20 minutes is very difficult and in some cases dangerous. For example, I plan table saw moves very carefully. Using a stool at the machine tools is still a good option, but some things like the table saw, I need more freedom. The stool gets in the way.

Sitting at my low bench with good posture is a joy. I love the detail work and have most every tool in reach. The Foredom is a wonderful experience after working a lifetime with hand held motor tools.

Sitting here at the computer writing this post provides the same level of comfort. The computer also offers a comfortable way to design in CAD/CAM. It’s defiantly part of my overall plan in adjusting to working with PN.

The picture here is being used in the web site lead article. That picture is subject to change so I included it here where it won’t change. The white plastic chair is scheduled to be changed out. The CNC mill in the background over my left shoulder is going to be a growing part of this new work plan. The HB2, the overhead CNC mill table (router) was built for exactly the same reason

I am making some jewelry but my intention (at this point) is not to become a full time jeweler. As I have said elsewhere, I like the challenge of the process and the skills. Yes, I’ll be making a lot of jewelry items but it will also slide over into many other forms of what I am now calling artwork. Lost wax (LW) casting can be directed to many interests. Castings for model making are an example. There are non-precious metals that work well with lost wax casting.

AT this writing, I am just carving and machining wax and doing the casting with outside services, but there is a small 2000 degree kiln on order for the shop. That will provide the opportunity cure the LW molds but also to explore a host of other hot work projects from (very small) pottery to glass and to glass enamel work. Wow! There are lots to do (and melt) between 500 and 2000 degrees. Ha! 

The Website

I post small updates in the blog section. I am undecided about the blog presentation format. Step by step articles seem to be best in the regular tabbed areas. The Blog is good for news and updates. The only comments have strangely only been my own. I’ll leave changing the format alone for now.

 I think many people fear commenting as there is a necessary identity requirement but rest assured it goes nowhere but here for blog spam control. The Email is not posted or shared. The registration check box is NOT required but will enable an email to be sent to your email address automatically when new blog entries are made.

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