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4 Bullets

DSCN0261My newest CNC project. My son-in-law Doug, manages a craft brewery called the Four Bullets Brewery in Richardson, TX. The bullets being reference to the aces in all four suits of a deck of cards.

He asked me to design a set of 4 glass “sampler” carry tray boards (glass holder). I first thought they would use the normal small tapered side glasses. The lead picture is what they picked.

This is a bit too unstable for my liking with the through holes. That’s what they wanted to see.

I have designed a similar version with pockets instead of the through hole. More like a tray with recesses to fit the bottom of the glasses. It's the style I like the most but then, it's not my brewery.. :)

As you can see, there is a different board for each suit and each style (8 total) the heart, diamond, club, spade.

The designs were created in Vectric Aspire and exported as CNC G-code to my HB2 router. It's needed a project like this. It's been setting there looking a bit lonely. Nice thing about a fully owned machine. I don't have to keep feeding it or paying it by the hour to standby. But it is good to have working as much as possible.

Once they choose what they like, I don’t know how many I will have to make! The HB2 may be very busy. Here are the pending designs:

hole club hole diamond2 hole heart hole spade
pocket club pocket diamond pocket heart pocket spade

The trays will be colored appropriately for each suit, either painted of stained. My son-in-law and his crew are going to tackle that job.

UPDATE 5/15/18

I created two styles of these "bullet" trays. The pocketed one turned out to be a loser. I decided that. The glasses were unstable setting in the pockets. I only made one tray with pockets.

The final versions were trays with the through holes and trays with through holes and four 1.5 inch dowel legs on the bottom. I really like the trays with the legs but the "customer" can not decide which version they like. I made a set of four of each type, with and without legs. Eight trays total.

I received an order to make four more sets. Two sets with legs and two sets without legs. I told them I will make the trays with the holes for inserting the legs, and make legs for all trays. They can then create either version. Decision problem solved as far as making the trays!

I'll add some pictures of the final version trays when they are finished.

DSCN0260 DSCN0262
 Trays without legs require very carefully setting down of tray.  Not shown but new design provides the option to add 3 legs the length the glasses hang down.
IMG 1689 IMG 1697
 Three - six foot, 12 inch wide, 3/4 inch thick red oak boards. The prototypes are pine.  Cutting the oak boards into squares.
IMG 1698 IMG 1701
 First set of oak, cut with CNC router.  4 Sets kitted (with legs) ready for color finish.

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