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BS2 Before

bs2-1This is the Basic Stamp (BS2) micro computer that I have. Lets just say I have had it for a long time. (over ten years) The components you see in this picture have now been removed except for the vertical board in the back which is the BS2. It is simply plugged into the Jameco prototype board.

That is a USB to serial port converter sticking out of the db7 serial port to the left side of the main board.

With this layout I wrote a program that would flash the LEDs is a sequence with little beeps, then when that stopped the computer would play a few bars of one of about five tunes that were held in memory. Each time the button was pressed the sequence would start then play a new tune.

Just an exercise in writing the program but it made a good demo. I am about to give it a new task with communicating using one of the XBee transceivers.

I tested this computer today and it is working like brand new.

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