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The Fun Begins

I received the package from Parallax last night. It contains the XBee 802.15.4 Starter Kit. Sure is a small package of parts for the money. Ha, good things (hopefully) come in small packages.

xbee-1 xbee-2 xbee-3

This will provide the radio link between the boat and shore. Looks like a lot of options so I will be working on this communications link for some time.

I have a Basic Stamp computer to hook up to one of the transceivers and I will purchase a Propeller demo system very soon for the second transceiver. The third transceiver will be used for the  master  or base computer.

The Stamp computer will not be used in the actual RBB project but it will be a part of the learning process. Also a Stamp or another Propeller could become a part of the system later on.

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