I have been off track, fooling around with 3D printing for about two years. The glitz has worn off but I am definitely not stopping "manufacturing" plastic stuff. There are many good things I have made or actually manufactured from plastic. 3D printing just isn't what I consider an "Art-Craft" I push the start button and a CNC printing machine does all the creation work. I design the 3D CAD drawing and that is about the limit of my creative effort. The printer does all the work. It like telling the Star-Trek replicator, "Make a widget for me." Then it pops out of a replicator hole in the wall. I don't call that craftsmanship.

I am gearing up to working in my "real" workshop, with tools and hands on effort. Mostly with my Lost Wax Cast silver jewelry with its heat and fire!  But any kind of human detail work is where I intend to spend my efforts. I'll use manual machines and CNC machines. I just have to be the one in control of the final results. The 3D printer can be a part of that. Like I say, "It's not going away."

I am updating my silver casting and finishing systems. I have purchased some new finishing tools and machines that should let me work smarter and not harder. I won't be manufacturing. I will be crafting and working with the details that define quality of being human made .