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Ramblin' Dan's Workshop Blog

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I spread myself around. Not posted here for awhile. I still post at least weekly (or is it weakly) in at least one of my many blogs. I keep busy and that is important to me.

Most of what I am involved with recently is three dimensional printing. I post over in http://rd3dpds.com. Go visit there when you have a chance. There is a BLOG tab in the menu line.

Texas heat is keeping me out of the garage workshop as it has no air conditioning. Daily temperature has been in the triple digits for the last week and in the 90s far longer. That's OK. I choose to live here.

I have my 3D printing and the CAD work that I do in my air conditioned home office. That is the reason I started into 3D printing. It is an escape from the outdoor heat.

I especially like working in the CAD. For me, 3D printing is about the design. The printing is the tool to get it made. Somehow, I have worked my way into owning five printers. One of them is for sale at a give away price.

I just started using wood fiber PLA for printing. It works amazingly well. I am designing boxes to print that look like they should be made from wood. And they are. There is real wood fiber mixed in with the PLA plastic. It smells like hot wood when it is printed.

That's what is happening for now. ~ Dan

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Thursday, 23 May 2019
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