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Using LinuxCNC

LinuxCNC is now my dominant CNC controller software in my workshop. I have run MACH3 for more than a decade and maybe two with complete satisfaction for my needs. It is the Windows 10 operating system that is my nemesis. There is more on this subject posted in the THMS Blog so I won’t repeat here. (...
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Stepping Up Again

You may know I have two near identical Taig Micro-mills. My first one is well over a decade in age. I use MACH3 controller software running in Win7 and using a USB SmoothStepper with a home made controller. My newer mill is less than two years old and uses MACH 3 as well running in WinXp Pro and dir...
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My CNC Wax Mill

This is my newer Taig CNC mill that I have set up for doing 4 axis wax carving.  I am standing in a narrow isle between the HB2 gantry CNC machine to my left (picture right) and the Taig mill. The taig has run several projects and has about 8 hours run time. The spindle bearings are actual...b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC06104.jpg
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