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Step Taken

I received my UC100 Motion  Controller from CNC4PC. That's where I ordered it  Actually it is produced by a company called CNC Drive, Motion Controls . The supplied instructions are a little vague because they are not supplied. There were NO instructions with the control. However, they are...
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Stepping Up Again

You may know I have two near identical Taig Micro-mills. My first one is well over a decade in age. I use MACH3 controller software running in Win7 and using a USB SmoothStepper with a home made controller. My newer mill is less than two years old and uses MACH 3 as well running in WinXp Pro and dir...
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PawPaw Tree

This looks like some sort of wild plant springing out of a weird planter. It is actually a sprue tree for lost wax casting. The "leaves" are the items to be cast which are rather tiny cat and dog paw prints. They are tiny "charms" I will include in a necklace design. This is the smallest and highest...DSC06516
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System Blog Update

It's not like you would notice, and it is good that you don't, but the blog software (here) was updated yesterday. I had put it off for almost a year as it was a case of "If it's not broken, why fix it?" It was a little "broken" as it was several years out of date and a bit slow for readers to post ...
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Making the Cut

I am getting close to using my new mold making and wax injection tools. I am making two new designs for pendants that I will first cast in silver the standard way. I will highly finish them and then use them as the masters for the rubber mold making. The result should be that I will have two master ...
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Super User
Update: Two cans in the kiln Tuesday night. I will be casting silver this morning. The two pendants will be the prime candidates f... Read More
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 00:39
Dan Kautz
The two pendants came out just fine. That has become a good habit. The process is long and involved but the outcome has become qui... Read More
Thursday, 17 March 2016 10:00
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