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This blog replaces the original function and intention of the Shop Notes Menu tab. Shop notes will remain available and may be used occasionally for high priority topics. The blog format is friendlier and encourages reader feedback if desired. This is the place where new projects and updates will first appear.

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What I have done!

The lost wax silver casting I started posting on this site was "spun off" to its own blog at KautzCraft.com . I started a small business selling the silver jewelry I have been making with lost wax casting. I am already retired so this is not a life sustaining income project. Unlike some hobby/small ...
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Workshop WiFi Link

I have been actively converting my workshop CNC computers (3) over to LinixCNC. I have been keeping them off my network as Windows updates will and have killed several of my CNC runs. Windows 10 now being very nasty about doing it.. The LINUX OS has so far never been an issue. So I leave them networ...netgearwn2500rp
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DELL Desktop Computer OptiPlex GX755 (part 2)

The computer has arrived. It's a heavy little bugger. Must go about 15 pounds. The machine has a bit of a problem. I am running Linux OS on it but first tried to initialize the installed Windows 10. What a scary experience that was. Scary because of the invasion of privacy agreements Microsoft wante...
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DELL Desktop Computer OptiPlex GX755

I just ordered another refurbished $100 computer. This one is a DELL Desktop Computer OptiPlex GX755 Core 2 Duo E7600 (3.06 GHz) 4 GB DDR2 160 GB HDD Intel HD Graphics Windows 10 Home. There are a ton of these machines on the market. For my use, they make excellent CNC machine control front ends. I ...
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Where is Zero?

Yeah, another writeup about 3D printing. Someday I am going to have to get my mind off this subject. Doesn’t look like that will be right now. I am burning the midnight oil, rather my printer is. I just set up a run then go to bed. Yeah, it is that dependable. Lazy man’s work. But there is some work...
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Warren Chitwood
Dan, I have been all through your webs and blogs trying to send you an email but nothing works. Please let me know how to email y... Read More
Sunday, 22 January 2017 10:44
Dan Kautz
Howdy Warren, I sent a reply via email and read your return. Thanks for saying hello in this blog!
Monday, 23 January 2017 10:29
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