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More Than a Dream

I just posted a new "Ramble" as I call it. It a short reference I use for writing rambling or somewhat wandering comments about something or nothing in general. Hence the meaning and use of the ramble term in "Ramblin' Dan". Here is the link: Follow The Dream.

This post was the result of a little bit of day-dreaming and contemplating of where I was at this point in my life. I admit, I am not quite as hard charging as I once was. Two years into retirement from a 12 (plus) to 24 hour a day occupation/career allows me a bit of time to contemplate my next personal action plan. I loved who I previously was and what I did, both as a business owner/boss and as an employee of several large corporations. Now I am excited about following my own free will and building a new creative self image and mission. My passion and dream outside of my professional work has always been with what I can create with my own abilities, within my workshops, my brain, hands and proper tools.

A few physical changes in my body motion control (Peripheral Neuropathy) modify some of the manual things I used to do well, but for which I compensate. A part of getting older for many people.

I have more things I want and can do, than there is time to accomplish. I realize that time itself is not a problem. Just a progress measurement to manage. A problem would be not having a plan, the tools, and adequate ability.

I recently re-connected with a previous co-worker and friend from back in the days I worked for Lennox Industries. His Name is Joe Groh. Joe's life changed about nine years ago after an accident on his bicycle. He broke his spinal cord at the C4 vertebra and is a quadriplegic. His present attitude about his condition and his life is inspiring. His passion is now on writing, something he can do well. I recommend you follow this link: JosephGrohFoundation for more information about Joe.

His motto is Never Look Back, Never Give Up, Remain Positive.

Retirement and process of physical aging is not as sudden life changing as breaking your spinal cord. There was/is time for me to dream and plan ahead. Joe created a new dream within his sudden change in abilities. His mind is clear and functions perfectly. His dream is with his foundation in helping others, and executing his abilities in writing with the assistance of modern day computer tools. The true hero and enabler in Joe's life is his wife, Sue.

I am sure Joe looks back and draws from experience. The words in the motto mean never look back to abilities lost, but look ahead at what can yet be done. Follow the new dream, don't live life whining with regret for was once was. The past is past.

I do not consider my losses with nephropathy anything near life changing as Joe. But Joe has changed my thoughts about my life in general. The only thing I can control, starts from this point forward.

I am a pilot and love to fly. (Note the present tense...) I look back when I had my own aircraft but realize I can never actually go back to those days. No regrets. My dreams are for what tangible things I can do today and tomorrow.

But life is more than dreaming. Life is all about doing what I can...



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Monday, 19 February 2018
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