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Ramblin' Dan's Workshop Blog

Short stories and reader feedback

Old-timer's Lament

Wow! Getting back into micro computer code writing is harder than I remember. Perhaps my 70-year-old brain cells are slowing? Haw! Good excuse, eh?

I will go with that for now. The problem is I am starting all over and am finding it impossible to just pick up where I left off. No real surprise. It’s probably a decade or more since I first started playing with these particular electronic machines and at least a half decade since I set them aside to pick up other challenges.

It’s still in there (my head) somewhere, and just needs a little stimulation to rise back to a fully conscious level. The coding basics (no language pun intended) are still there for sure but it’s the details that are critical in writing code. The computer only does what it is instructed. Mess up the details and it doesn’t work, or fix itself.

Hitting the books will get me up where I need to be. No fantastic new applications in the works, yet…

Now It's Robotics
Scritch, scritch...


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Monday, 19 February 2018
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