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Ramblin' Dan's Workshop Blog

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Something Fishy

Something Fishy

After acquiring two three dimensional printers, a large volume of printed items have been designed and created. The most fun is designing from an original idea, then seeing it taking shape on the printer. I created a new blog website all about doing just that. Ramblin’ Dan’s 3D Print Design Studio.

Printing existing published designs is also a big part of the fun. There is no reason to recreate from scratch what someone else has already published for free use. Many websites cater to this free distribution of 3D print files.

One of the most popular items not of my design is a key fob called “fish fossilz”. That’s the designer’s spelling.

Fish Fossilz by muzz64
Published on January 18, 2016

I have produced over 150 of these skeleton fish. They are the highest demand Item I print. I give a lot of them away and I also sell them rather cheap to other people who also want to give them away. They take about 45 minutes each to print on my machines. I usually double the cost of the plastic filament used and add enough to “round up” the sell price.

The fish are an excellent demonstration of 3D printing. A lot of people have heard of 3D printing but have never seen items made. The moving joints are an excellent example of what can be accomplished by printing in layers.

A key fob is a kind of personal identity marker. The Fish Fossilz are a great conversation piece. People want their own as soon as they see one.

Great idea, muzz64!

Using LinuxCNC
What I have done!


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